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Hollow Sun Ensemble – Native Instruments Kontakt Sample Library

One of the emails I look forward to are the new product announcements from Hollow Sun. I’ll always go and check out their site and see what it is they are dropping on us.

They just released a new Kontakt synth on us called Ensemble. It looks pretty interesting and the demo sounds real good! Here is a screenshot of the main control panel.


Hollow Sun Ensemble Synth & Sample Library for Kontakt

It’s main claim to fame is that the processing was done through a cloned chorus unit – the “ensemble section” of an Arp Solina… This is how Ensemble is described.

“It’s a quite rare clone of the chorus/ensemble section of the ARP/Solina string synths.

Unlike traditional chorus units with one delay modulated by an LFO (which can sound a bit cyclic), this has three analogue ‘bucket brigade’ delays modulated by different phases of an LFO to give a lush, swirly ensemble sound. When it arrived, the first thing I did was run the Dotcom modular through it … and it sounded fantastic! Being totally analogue, if you push the input level a bit, it clips quite nicely … not nasty digital distortion (obviously) or heavy metal overdrive but just a nice ‘edge’. So I came up with this…

It’s quite simple – there’s an oscillator with eight waveforms comprising three detuned VCOs on the Dotcom on full tilt through my EMS VCS3 filter clone (for some nice non linearities) then into the fixed formant filter bank and finally out to the MTI ensemble. These were sampled from C-1 to C8 at lengths exceeding a minute or more to let the sounds breathe and evolve … the loops on all of them are similarly long. And then we added a multi-mode LP/BP/HP filter with variable slopes, two LFOs and two envelopes. And then we shoved them through a multi-FX chain… The result is a diverse range of sounds that are thick and juicy … basses, pads, leadlines, strings, leadlines and so on that are suitable for almost any genre.”

ENSEMBLE is available now for £10 – 10 British Pound Sterling equals
16.76 US Dollars

You can listen to a nice audio demo at the Soundcloud page and get Ensemble Product Details here

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