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Sound Synthesis with VST Instrument

VST instruments offer an unprecedented opportunity for the exploration of sound and musical creativity.

The world of hi-tech music and audio has never been so full of possibilities for experimentation and the creation of new sounds.

Sound synthesis instruments which were once prohibitively expensive are now available to everyone in the form of cost-effective software.

Sound Synthesis with VST Instruments helps you realise your own musical creativity by exploring the theory of sound synthesis and linking this to practical examples in the virtual world of VST instruments.

It explains how creating your own original synth patches can inspire a whole new musical composition, how building your own software synthesizer can be the beginning of a new adventure into the world of sound synthesis, and how manipulating and processing samples in revolutionary ways can be the birth of the next cutting-edge dance track.

With practical projects, helpful tips, step-by-step instructions on how to build your own software synthesizer and virtual electric guitar, and in-depth coverage of Reaktor, Tassman, HALion, FM7, B4, Pro-52, LM4-MkII, Attack and many others, Sound Synthesis with VST Instruments will be of interest to musicians, sound synthesists, sound designers, music producers and audio professionals.

Simon Millward is a music software specialist and sound designer. He has a Master of Science degree in Music Technology from the University of York, UK.

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