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Native Instruments Machine MK2 Custom Kit, Solid Gold

Native Instruments Maschine MK2 Custom Kit – Solid Gold

The Native Instruments Maschine MK2 Custom Kits help you incorporate your style into one of the most important and most used pieces in your rig. These custom kits are designed for the Maschine MK2 hardware and are made of light but resilient aluminum. Each Native Instruments Custom Kit contains a magnetic faceplate and one set of corresponding, ergonomically-designed colored knobs as well as a cap remover to make changing the knobs easy. Add some color to your performance!

Transform your Maschine in just a few seconds. Remove the knobs with the included cap remover, take off your current black or silver faceplate, and swap in the new colored one. Its magnetized underside ensures the faceplate sits tightly and securely to your Maschine. Then simply add the new matching knobs to the faceplate, and your newly transformed Native Instruments Maschine is ready to rock!


  • Easy way to add color and style to your set-up
  • One magnetic faceplate, made of brushed aluminum with a high-quality, gig-proof finish
  • Eight aluminum encoder knobs and one master knob
  • Cap remover
  • These kits can only be used with the Maschine MK2 hardware (black or white edition)

Product Features

  • Easy way to add color and style to your set-up
  • These kits can only be used with the Maschine MK2 hardware (black or white edition)
  • Includes: 1 magnetic faceplate, made of brushed aluminum with a high-quality, gig-proof finish, 8 aluminum encoder knobs, 1 master knob, and cap remover

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Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2 Groove Production Studio

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2

Maschine Mikro is the perfect entry into the world of Maschine. All the power and flexibility of Maschine’s pattern-based sequencer, high-performance sampler, exemplary drum synths, incredible suite of pro studio instruments and effects, and acclaimed sound library in a compact, budget-friendly package.

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2 Groove Production Studio, White

Maschine Mikro is the compact groove production system, combining software and hardware in perfect harmony. Get hands-on control of all-new Maschine 2.0 software in an ultra-portable package that fits into any setup. Add new dimension to your project with Maschine Mikro’s intuitive, groovebox workflow. And because software can be easily updated, Maschine 2.0 will always keep you on the cutting edge of technology, pushing your creativity further than you ever thought possible.

Advanced Processing

Maschine 2.0 makes you faster. A top-of-the-line audio engine saves resources while delivering the highest audio quality possible. 32-bit float internal summing gives your tracks a shine you’ll instantly notice. Advanced multi-core technology runs multiple processes in parallel, dividing complex tasks between your computer’s cores. Run more plug-ins, mix with ease, load up even more sounds on unlimited groups, and so much more.

Hands-On Workflow

Maschine Mikro provides intuitive, tactile control for composing, sampling, performing, slicing, and more. Renowned multi-color pads provide ultimate feel in the thick of the beat. Mikro’s compact size and bus-powered operation mean you’re in control no matter where you are. And with incredible Maschine 2.0 software, you get full Maschine power that follows you to the furthest reaches of your creativity.

Sounds On Board

Maschine Mikro comes loaded with a vast 8 GB sound library, created by a wide range of internationally renowned sound designers and artists. Use Maschine Mikro’s innovative tag-based browser to easily get to the sound you want. Included are 8,627 samples, made up of 445 full drum kits, 388 multi-sampled instruments, 403 sliced loops, 1,200 patterns, and 38 projects.

What’s New In Maschine

All-new Maschine 2.0 software is bursting with power. Find instruments, effects, kits, sounds, and samples fast with the spectacular tag-based visual browser – optimized for Komplete Instruments and Effects. Get busy creating with unlimited groups and insert effects, and sidechaining. Then finish off your tracks with a sleek, intuitive mixer – all wrapped in a beautiful new user interface and with full multi-core support.

  • All the power and flexibility of Maschine, with the same fully-integrated software and the same high quality, touch sensitive multi-color pads
  • Create and perform beats, harmonies, and melodies
  • Sample, slice, time-stretch, and edit
  • Access to key software parameters via intuitive hardware shortcuts
  • 8 GB library with samples, one-shots, sliced loops, sampled instruments, presets, patterns, drum kits, and projects
  • 24 pro-quality studio and creative effects including filter, EQ, delay, reverb, and compressor all with expansive routing possibilities

Product Features

  • Easily browse, load, tweak, play, arrange, and automate all sampler, plug-in and effect parameters
  • Control and sequence all of your external hardware instrument
  • Multicolored pads allow you to assign colors to the groups, sounds, patterns, and scenes, and see the pads light up in the same colors
  • Pads feature increased sensitivity for much more precision
  • Maschine 1.8 software includes time stretch and pitch shift capability

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Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S25 Controller Keyboard

Amazon Image

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8 DJ Controller

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8 DJ Controller

The future of DJ-ing is here. Touch-sensitive controls and full color displays keep you focused on the music and the crowd. Create your signature sound with 4+4 Remix Deck controls. Enhance your DJ performance with color-coded pads for live remixing. TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 redefines DJ-ing – don’t change the game, change the rules.

Product Features

  • Full-integrated 4-deck TRAKTOR controller including TRAKTOR SCRATH PRO 2 software
  • 30 touch-sensitive knobs and faders for intuitive control over TRAKTOR software
  • 2 bright, full-color displays reveal pop-ups displays, views, and panels
  • Touch strip provides tactile control over track position, pitch bend and more
  • Quickly access track BPM and Key as well as FX, Filter and Remix Deck parameters

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