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Have you ever wondered how they build VST Plugins?

How to Build VST Plugin: Path to Guru

Have you ever thought about the cost to develop a VST was out of reach?

Have you found clear instruction from start to end how to build a VST Plugin dissatisfying?

We know how you feel;

We were once there painstaking hours of research ending nowhere.

We found a way from many years of not giving up our search.

Inside this book, you will find out how to create your own VST Plugins with low budget software.

Don’t underestimate the price we created all our plugins using this wonderful software.

Best of all, throw away all your C++ codebooks, code not anymore. With this software everything done visually.

We teach you how we found this hidden gem where you can find.We give you a rundown of how it works.

Debut Track from Dinner Combination 6 – Enjoy the jazzy chill music!

We run you through from start to finished product.

Best of all, we will show you how we create a VST look and feel GUI. You’re not just building the core of your VST you will design how it looks.You can create VST, VST3, 32bit,64bit -Windows, Mac OS X. Audio Unit with a standalone software.We will show you how we create from start to finish. Nobody has ever done with this software like we said it’s a hidden gem. A handful of vague video tutorials made. No books, this is the first book about this software.Happy Developing.

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